A ver que se puede escribir de Lethargy.

Lo primero es que es una banda vieja, y que solo tiraron un álbum (aunque luego salio un recopilado con el disco de estudio mas los demos), están clasificado dentro del subgénero del Extreme metal o Technical Death Metal.

Formados en New York 1992 seria como la cuna de las culturas cosa que le cae muy bien a Death Metal Técnico que a veces explora temas que no vemos siempre en el Metal normal.

No se escribir de música así que les dejare con este review.

One of the most technically advanced and uncompromisingly challenging bands in heavy metal history, Rochester, NY’s Lethargy created music too ambitious for most earthling ears to cope with. But even though this made for a brief and largely unheralded career outside of muso circles, it ultimately bore fruit in some of its members’ far more successful subsequent bands.

Originally formed in 1992, Lethargy included vocalist/lead guitarist Erik Burke, bassist Adam Routier, drummer Bränn Dailor, and guitarist Bill Kelliher, who replaced short-lived predecessors Steve Nedwetsky and Brian Steltz in 1995. Already having a number of demos under their belts, the quartet released their only complete studio album, the impenetrably (or perhaps stupidly) titled It’s Hard to Write with a Little Hand in 1996, and it’s fair to say that, with the exception of the better-known Dillinger Escape Plan, its impossibly intricate math metal constructions were almost without peer during the late ’90s.
~ Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide

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It’s Hard To Write With A Little Hand

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